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August 2015, № 8 (183)

Skuzovatova O.G. THE CONCEPT OF "ORTHODOX BANK" AS A TRANSITIONAL MODEL A NEW STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC THEORY World financial and economic crisis, accompanied by a crisis of economic theory, are aiming to develop new, ethical approaches and concepts to solve the problems of the financial and banking sector. The paper summarizes the current research on the development of an ethical model of "orthodox bank", which is a common alternative to Western banking model is now going through a deep crisis. The concept also includes the idea: the need to abandon the abstract index of "economic growth"; on the prevalence of the principle of maximizing profit in the absence of restrictions and ethical standards in the field of social production and distribution as the main causes of the crisis; unbalance the financial and real sectors of the economy. Conclusions: The heart of the crisis — not a lack of hard currency (basket of currencies), and the imbalance between the financial sector of the economy, suction the money and the real sector, which is not enough money for development. Tools of the crisis — the high cost of borrowing and the possibility of a mass of speculative operations in the financial sector, prohibited by all religions of the world.Key words: finance, banks, "liberal economy", orthodox banks, Islamic banking, the economic crisis, "ethical economy", religious ethics and morals, business ethics.


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Author: Skuzovatova O.G.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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