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August 2015, № 8 (183)

Korabeynikov I.N. INFORMATION SERVICES: CONCEPT, CHARACTERISTICS, GRADEThe modern stage of social development, based on the transition to the information economy, the emergence of new predestined areas of production, exchange, c. nsumption and accumulation of wealth. One of such areas is the market of information services. Relations arising in the market, are a relatively new phenomenon have not yet found an objective and fully reflected in the work of scientists. It is not enough to set forth the understanding of information services. In modern interpretations information service appears as a form of implementation of the economic information, manipulation of information products, action to meet the information needs specific commodity in a series of processes, and others. It is not quite worked out the issues of economic information content provider. The article highlighted the shortcomings in the existing definition of "information service", which allowed the author to offer clarification of the term by the economic content additions to the description of the phenomenon as a coherent process of creating consumer value through the activity information needs. On the basis of the author's approach implemented clarified the concept of "information product", as a set of methods and techniques in the historically conditioned forms. The role and place of information products in the production, sale and consumption of information services. On the basis of research in the refinement of the concept of "information product" it shows that the historically conditioned form of information product involves material, software, technical, infrastructural and other manifestations, including in the form of commodities. Information products are used in the implementation of information services, but do not constitute its content. The very information service in production, sale and consumption aimed at meeting the information needs of the economic actors, such as in information, access to information, c. mmunication, self-expression, and others. It has a number of qualities: formalization, machine orientation, depending on the information and other products.Key words: information service, information product, information, features, c. ncept, term, quality, c. assification, properties.


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Author: Korabeynikov I.N.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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