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July 2015, № 7 (182)

Kudelina I.V. GIDROGEOEKOLOGICHESKIE CONDITIONS ORENBURG URBAN AREAThe study area is located in the central part of the platform of the Orenburg region in the south-eastern edge of the Volga-Ural antiklizy in inter-dureche Urals and Sakmara. Water territory at the expense of water alluvial aquifer. The formation of the water flow and the hydrogeological zoning of the territory is affected mainly latitude, landscape-climatic zoning. In view of the zoning scheme developed guide-rogeoekologicheskogo zoning Orenburg urban area. Major groundwater resources are concentrated in the Quaternary al-lyuvialnom aquifer, runoff of which is estimated at 2.5 l/s from 1 km2. Dynamic water resources of the upper floors of the hydrodynamic very small. Very small modules of groundwater flow character-istic of aquifers Neogene, Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic and Upper Permian rocks that do not exceed 0.2—0.8 l/s from 1 km2. Therefore, in-zobnovlyaemost their water supplies during the operation is extremely low. Elementary geochemical landscapes allocated under the terms of grace-chemical elements with landscape-geochemical structure of the area. In the study area are the following main types of anthropogenic impact: extraction and processing of hydrocarbons; extraction and processing of solid minerals; urban and industrial agglomeration; agricultural production; exploitation of groundwater for water supply. All of these sources of pollution are in the area of nutrition alluvium-cial intakes, almost not protected from contamination. From the point of view of protection of groundwater against pollution on the territory of the investigation when the wind blows, there are five types of area within which a water-earth differ in vulnerability to pollution. Scheme typing territory made taking into account its particular morphostructural-stey, which is well seen on the background of elementary geochemical landscapes. The boundaries between areas with different levels of water resources and the protection of these resources from pollution established taking into account the characteristics of each region on the hydrogeological, geomorphological, neotectonic and others featured.Key words: monitoring, drinking water, salinity, pollutants.


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Author: Kudelina I.V.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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