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June 2015, № 6 (181)

Debelo P.V. EKOLOGO-GEOGRAFICHESKIE ASPECTS OF DISTRIBUTION OF INSECTIVOROUS MAMMALS TO URALO-KASPIYSKOM REGIONFor the unique territory of the Uralo-Kaspiysky region in the landscape and biogeographical relation now special relevance the problem of studying of reactions got it the most archaic insectivorous on escalating influence of a versatile economic complex. Thus paramount value the problem of inventory of fauna assuming the solution of the following tasks — studying of specific structure of group in general on the region and its structural components gets, specification of qualitative and quantitative structure of various ecological groups and the faunogeneticheskikh of complexes, identification of outlines of their areas, especially on borders of biomes where pass the major biogeographical boundaries. It will allow to adjust monitoring of structure of fauna and to develop system of actions for preservation of a biodiversity. The analysis of literary data and personal materials the ezhinykh, mole and the zemleroykovykh allowed to establish dwelling in the region of 15 types. From them 4 look (26,6 %) belong to European, 5 (33,3 %) — palaearctic and 6 (40,0 %) to Asian faunogenetichesky complexes. In the ecological plan 2 look are semi-water, 2 — typical geofila, 3 — the land running forms and 8 — gerpetofilam. Landscape and climatic features of the territory and specifics of ecology of types determined nature of their distribution in general by the region and its parts. In forest-steppe, steppe and semidesertic zones it is known on 10, in desert 11 types, носостав them significantly differs. The number of representatives European and palaearctic complexes in process of advance to the South gradually decreases, the area of the habitats occupied by them is reduced, there is a fragmentation of areas, and at the southern limits they meet only locally. At representatives of Asian faunistic complexes the opposite tendency is observed. Key words: Uralo-Kaspiysky region, biodiversity, insectivorous, fragmentation of an area, krayearealny populations, number, spatial distribution, protection.


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