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2013, № 4 (153)

Fabrikantov O.L., Shmykov A.V. THE ROLE OF VITREORETINAL INTERFACE IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF RETINAL DETACHMENT (LITERARY REVIEW)The main parameters of retinal detachment are determined by the patho-morphological changes in the vitreoretinal interface area. Partial posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) or PVD with several fixation points are potentially dangerous for new ruptures formation as a result of traction in the areas of normal and abnormal retina attaching with posterior hyaloid membrane (PHM), therefore conversion of partial PVD into complete one is considered to be much more favorable. In cases of either thoroughly conducted vitrectomy, combined with PHM removal, or if there was a complete PVD before a procedure of episcleral sealing, more favourable prognosis of postoperative period was observed. Key words: retina, vitreous body, macula.


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Authors: Fabrikantov O.L., Shmykov A.V.

Year: 2013

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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