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2010, № 12

Golikov V.E., Slepykh N.I. ANESTHETIC COMPLICATIONS IN RURAL PATIENT CARE INSTITUTIONS: PREVALENCE, STRUCTURE AND CONSEQUENCESResearches of number of anesthetic complications in rural patient care institutions are presented in this article by complex expert appraisal of primary medical documents, clinical, clinical-laboratory and instrumental researches. It is established that human element presents in 73% cases of complications origin. Absence of anesthetic equipment and its refusal at the process of exploitation were the reason of 27% critical incidents at general anesthesia. Researches were conducted during last 13 years. Key words: anesthetic complication, rural patient care institutions, prevalence, structure, reasons, consequences.


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Authors: Slepyh N.I., Golikov V.E.

Year: 2010

Zhanna Anatolievna

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