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July 2016, № 7 (195)

Sultanova A.Sh. THE HISTORY OF FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF BASHKIR POETIC ONOMASTICSThe article studies the history of the formation of poetic onomastics on the example of works by Bashkir writers.The importance of articles determined by the need to describe the system of proper names in the works by Mustai Karim. Onomastic lexicon is a kind of carrier extensive extra-linguistic information — historical, ethnographic, ethnic, religious character. It is also due to the growing interest in the lexical traditions as a whole against the background of treatment to national roots revival of native language and literature. In the scientific article the author reviews the scientific works of scientists, linguists, analyzed the history and status of the study of onomastics in the Bashkir language, disclosed the ideological content and the meaning of proper names in the work by M. Karim ‘On the night of a lunar eclipse’. The first attempted a comprehensive study of proper names in the product taking into account the historical, social, cultural attitudes, revealedspecifics of functioning onims in the works by Mustai Karim and their role in the creation of artistic images, as well as the reflection of the main stages in the development of the Bashkir language. The work contributes to the study of trends in the development of the system of the Bashkir language and features of poetic onomastics. The study showed that poetic onomasticsby Mustai Karim is a peculiar formation in the lexical structure of his dramatic works. It is formed under the influence of folklore tradition of names and Bashkir literature. In the works by Mustai Karim onomastic lexicon — one of the basic tools formation of the linguistic and poetic structure of the literary text and individual creative style of the playwright. To summarize, it must be emphasized that Mustai Karim made a huge contribution to the development of Bashkir onomastics.


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Author: Sultanova A.Sh.

Year: 2016

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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