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July 2015, № 7 (182)

Khadzharova E.M. POLITICAL OPPOSITION AND SOCIAL SECURITY OF CITYZENS IN CONDITIONS OF FORMATIONS OF THE CIVIL SOCIETYThe 13-th article of constitution of Russia recognizes the political diversity in country. The realization of this law in the life of society creates conditions for the genesis of political opposition in the face of a particular party, dissatisfied with their position in the political hierarchy. It tries to conquer the power by using critics of the course of policy of existing authority. However, the political activity of the opposition, based on criticism of the of conducted internal and external policy of the current government and the pursuit of its "capture" does not always lead to success due to poor organization and lack of resources. This feebleness is pushing the opposition to apply to foreign states and political structures for help and support. Using this treatment, foreign states use opposition to interference in the sovereign affairs of another state, which is their political or economic obstacle in the achievement of their interests in this country. As a result, the political opposition in a country becomes a foreign agent, realizing in the country of foreign interests, sometimes hostile states. That's why it is necessary to regulate the activities of such opposition and determine the compatibility of its activities with the social security of the population. On the basis of Article 13 of the Russian Constitution created conditions for ideological and political diversity and the multiparty system. In the implementation of these provisions adopted federal laws "On political parties", "On Public Associations", "On meetings, rallies, marches and pickets", "On Noncommercial Organizations", which generally creates a legal framework for the implementation of the activities of various political movements. The political activity of noncommercial organizations with the status of a foreign agent is not always carries a positive meaning. Their movements often lead to destabilization in the society, the state and endanger public safety. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the law of NCO, in terms of regulating the activities of foreign agents is need to be improved so as to legally subdivide socially-oriented NCO and political direction. It is necessary to establish clear criteria for the political activities of those NCO that are focused on the realization of their political interests. It will certainly improve the performance standards and reporting NCO, ranked as foreign agents, as well as to legislate requirements for them to submit a comprehensive report on their sources of funding and expenditures.Key words: politic opposition, government, civil society, politic stability, security of citizens.


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Author: Hadzharova E.M.

Year: 2015

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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