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2009, № 12

Dolgov M.A., Kosarev A.V. FAIR USE TERM "PASSIVE" TO LIVING MATTER FROM AN THERMODYNAMICS Based on the analysis of the thermodynamic nature of biological forms of matter in motion is shown illegitimate use of the term "passive" to living organisms. In living nature with its cyclical processes, in principle, there can be no motion without the cost of energy. Another thing is that in the opposite phase, preceding the so-called passive phase of the cycle, the energy "stored", but rather is potentiated in the first phase of the cycle. And, therefore, the second phase, too, can not be passive. Key words: passive and active processes, thermodynamic forces, gradients of parameters, the phase of motion.


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Authors: Dolgov M.A., Kosarev A.V.

Year: 2009

Sergey Aleksandrovich

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